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Social Media Marketing Agency in Bangladesh


Social Media Marketing Agency in Bangladesh

Are you looking for a social marketing agency in Bangladesh? Octopi communication is your best choice. We provide all kinds of social marketing services such as SEO, Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, LinkedIn, Instagram, Youtube marketing, Content Marketing, Video Marketing, Info-graphics Marketing, and branding. It Increases the sales and brand value by proper combination of all marketing factors together. Also develops your company’s activity and maintains people’s behavior. It is sustainable and cost-effective.

social media marketing agency in Dhaka Bangladesh


Facebook Marketing

Nowadays, Facebook is the most popular social media marketing network in the whole world. It has over 1.3 billion users. It is a very helpful and effective place to share valuable visual content, video, and more information and also show the most attractive image to your new users and affordable targeted audience. The most popular e-commerce websites such as Shopify store use this great social media service site because it generates new users & customers and increases your business advertising, product selling and branding.


Pinterest is another great channel for your client and their product promotion. It is a highly effective medium for showing attractive image and visual information. Pinterest accounts for 13% of all social media traffic to Shopify stores and is especially helpful if your client is selling niche products like books and magazines. Also, Pinterest is a most powerful visual platform, it makes sure to create a stellar photo or image collection to hand-off to your client when you send them your social media strategy.


Twitter is the most informative social media network. Nowadays, Twitter has over 232 million users. It is a highly acceptable social platform in the whole world, especially the United States. Twitter users exchange content with their followers, who can share their followers, so it is a very powerful information-sharing social site. Particularly twitter is enabled to grow your client’s social reach. It reaches your content, such as photos and video that is very valuable.


LinkedIn is well known as a professional social network and is especially popular with businesses selling to other businesses. It has more than 250 million active members. Like Facebook and Twitter, LinkedIn lets you promote posts to your targeted audience.

On LinkedIn, every user is very interested in the new discovering industry. They want to share their content or knowledge with their own network. Here share the latest news and job or new technology trends that make your bright future. So, LinkedIn is a very professional and effective social place that helps promote industry or product.


Instagram is a popular and first photo or image sharing social network in the world. It has over 300 million active users in the whole world. It is providing a great advantage to share your current business or product image or photo with the following audience. It builds up your communication with the same professional person that helps your business or product branding with them. Instagram is also well known as a great platform for virtual marketing campaigns. It also helps virtually promote your business, product, website URL worldwide. Finally, it helps share an attractive image that increases your business.

YouTube Marketing

Youtube is the most popular video-sharing social media platform in the whole world. It provides you a great opportunity to video share here shortly and effectively describe your business, service or product that will be most effective for your business to promote to targeted audiences.


Google + is the first growing social network and popular in the whole world. It has more than 300 million active users. It is a great social channel that is connected with the google search engine. This profile helps you to know about the google update role that you apply to your business. It also suggests your business-related SEO tips. These tips help to analyze your related competitor. Google+ provides you with a google search, google maps, and other Google business tools. Google+ is very passionate. So, this passionate audience helps to promote your business service or product in the google search console.

Social Media Campaign

Octopi Communication ltd, we provide a full social media campaign best idea generation, management, and execution with media buying service in Bangladesh. We have practical experience that helps to promote your business and branding campaign in Dhaka Bangladesh.

Social Community Management

Social community management is the most important for every business growth. Octopi has a professional’s social media community management service. We have practical experience in social media client or follower management and engagement service. You can get the best personalized and group social media communication management service that helps your business promotion to social media.